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What is Webs123.com?

Webs123.com is a USA based company which offers web related services with affordable plans. Specialize in services such as ecommerce, web designing, blog and forum installation, SEO services, along with other IT related Solutions, Webs123.com creates professional and easy-to-navigate websites that will help increase your business potential and traffic.

How long does it take to create a website?

It depends on the nature and length of the website. However, on average, it would take 1-2 weeks to transform scratch into a full-blown professional website. Furthermore, by providing us with all materials, context, and contact information, we can speed up the process to suit your wishes.

Do you offer flash based websites?

Yes, we do offer all types of professional websites, ranging from complex flash-based websites to simple blogs. Our team of professionals are not only specialized Web developers, but also experienced and competent workers that are trained to meet your needs, however they may be.

What is the payment arrangement for webs123.com?

We are honored to work with you on your project, and to transform your ideas into a professional website.  We offer affordable plans that are designed to suit your needs. The payment structure is the following: first a free consultation and quote regarding your project. Phase one: After the project has been agreed upon, 40% of total amount is due, in advance. Phase two: Nearing the completion of the project, another 40% of total amount is due. Phase three: Finally, at the completion of the project, the remaining 20% of the total amount is due.

After website launch, do you provide a guarantee?

Yes, we do provide a guarantee for 30 days. We will be glad to fix any technical problems with your website, with absolutely no cost. However, please keep in mind that if you decide to add extra features to your website after its launch, the payment will be normal.

Do you offer any discount or promotional coupons?

Yes, we offer a discount to non-profit, educational, or community service based organizations. We also offer decent discounts for pre-existing clients.

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